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In 2007 I studied computer engineering at California State University in Fullerton. While in school I started my first IT business providing computer support and web design services. At the time, I wasn’t a hardcore developer, just some kid who knew a bit of html and css.

As my portfolio grew, most of my work became web development work and so I decided to focus solely on web design and development. In the last 7 years, I’ve gone from knowing the basics, to being a developer at the fore front of modern web development.

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(2007 - 2010)

Computer Engineering
California State University, Fullerton

(2003 - 2007)

High School Diploma
Baldwin Park High School


I hired and oversaw the development team of a philanthropic venture that aimed to bring clean drinking water to underprivileged people around the world. Originally, I was brought in as a PHP developer but later I carried on the role of Project Manager.

I was the lead front end developer for both the desktop and mobile version of the site. The site receives over 150,000 visitors per month, and it was my job to ensure the site looked and functioned as it should on the frontend.

I exercised an executive level position at Zooshine and focused on all technological issues within the organization. As the lead IT admin, I managed a team of web designers and developers as well as systems administrators. I was also involved with other non-technical matters such as marketing campaigns, brand building, and company development.

I designed and develop websites for small businesses, organizations and individuals. The platform of choice was usually Wordpress or Magento, but I commonly worked on many other platforms as well. Depending on the project, the scope of my work included design, programming and/or online marketing.

My responsibilities included computer support and systems administration. I provided support to over 600 employees on site and over the phone.

I provided computer support to over 300 employees located in the US and Mexico. I also redeveloped and maintained the IT and HR departments’ intranet site.

"Excellent example of work ethic, creativity, focus, persistence, getting the job done, perfectionist.. I would recommend Robert any time."

Gabriela Tasci | Primerica

"Robert's relentless motivation and his knowledge of IT, would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any company..."

Lubin Montalvo | Remax Elegance

my services

Wordpress Development

Custom theme/site development. Custom plugin development and publishing. Site maintanence and optimization.

Magento Development

Custom Magento themes and websites. Extension development and publishing. Site optimization and maintanence.

Mobile Applications

With frameworks such as PhoneGap, I can create mobile apps for iOS and Android using standardized web APIs.

Game Development

HTML5 allows you to build games without having to worry about platform compatibilities; A web browser is all you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is not a single event. Like marketing, SEO is a continual aspect of your site you must always be working on.

Online Marketing

A website, app or business is destined to fail if it doesn't get any traffic. Leverage the power of the internet and promote yourself online.

A quick look at my


Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder
Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder

The Airsoft Megastore Gun builder lets you custom build your very own airsoft gun. The first custom gun builder in the industry.

Verotel Gateway
Verotel Flexpay Gateway for WooCommerce

Verotel FlexPay is an simple payment gateway for non-subscription based transactions. This is the only open source Verotel Gateway for WooCommerce available.

Fabric Yesterday
Fabric Yesterday is an online catalog site for high end upholstery and drapery. A very elegant and useful Wordpress website.

Bayou Grille
Bayou Grille

A very basic PHP website built for a local Cajun Restaurant.

Fabric Yesterday
Performance Auto

Before any code is written, it is first planned out. See how I turn sketches into a beautyful website layout.


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I'm available for freelance projects or full-time work. If you have a project and would like to work with me, you can get in touch by using one of the methods below. You can also just say hi. I like that too.